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Public Transportation

Thoughts on Public Transit and Cuts Being Made

This is not good. It could be worse, but this is not good.

We need to find a community solution. I have given rides to friends who need them. People need a support system. Who really can't afford a Lyft or Uber or bus ticket to get to and from work? I deliver part-time for GrubHub and it costs me a whole lot of up front money in gas. I remember years ago when gas was around $4 for a while that some people were not able to afford to get to and from work. A crisis like that can have a ripple effect and take a long time to recover from. I know. I get it.

People without transportation need to live near where they work, work near where they live. Even when I lived across the street from where I worked, I almost always have had a car of my own. I have often worked a side job or two to make ends meet, too. I chose to work in Child Care, which does not pay much, so I didn't expect to have much. My dad was a preacher and my mom was a teacher. My dad sometimes worked three jobs to make ends meet when my Mother was a stay-at-home parent. There were six kids in our family. We did not have much, but we had enough, and we always were helping others less fortunate than ourselves. We still do.

I know what it is like to have to rely on others and I believe in personal responsibility and a healthy inter-dependence. We all need help sometimes, and we should always give help and do good at every opportunity. When I was needing financial help from others, I was so thankful for opportunities to use my car to bless others who needed a ride. And when my car has been broken down, I have been loaned a car, or given rides as I needed them.

Our public transit system is a much needed service and I hate to see cuts at all, but I also hate that we pay a $40 per ride subsidy sometimes. That is not good stewardship. How about we keep our taxes low. Those who think public transportation is a priority and want our taxes raised so cuts won't have to be made in routes and fares won't have to be increased can use the money they are willing to pay in higher taxes and give it to people who need rides. Or all these people who want us to pay higher taxes can organize a carpool and take turns giving rides to people in their community who need them. Hands On Nashville is a good resource and I believe people who need rides can find them there, and people who want to give rides can connect with those who need them. We have good, service-oriented people in Nashville.
The cost of transportation for car owners is high. Aside from fuel, we have maintenance and repair, insurance costs, and maybe a car payment, maybe parking fees. A bus pass is a bargain.
I have a bus stop right by my house that students ride to get to their schools. I don't think our route is affected, but it has very limited service and is obviously meant to get kids to and from school and people to and from their 9-5 jobs. I think the kids get free bus passes to ride to and from school, too.

I hate that the free bus downtown is being eliminated, especially since the scooters are going away. Oh well, people can walk or pay to ride the buses that still go through downtown. I am sorry I missed this meeting. I was working. I have not read everything about this. As councilman, it will be my job to read up on everything and look at both sides before I vote. And I will do it. I am not a "politician". I have never had much money, but I have never wanted to be "rich". I see too many other people in need to hoard money for myself, even if I had a high income.

I would not be opposed to a tax increase, especially one like Steve Glover proposed, if there was no other way to meet the needs of the people but I cannot understand why we have so much money and such a big spending problem.

I hope Steve Glover wins an at-large seat on the council. He is a good man and he can help fix these problems if he can get enough support from others on the council. In the meantime, we need to roll up our sleeves and do what we can in our communities to help our neighbors. That is what we should have been doing all along and if we don't live in these needy communities, we can still help. I just want to control as much of my own money as I can and spend it where I think it does the most good.

Lydia Hubbell for Council, Lydia Hubbell, Treasurer
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