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Taxes and Schools and Police

On "Nextdoor": "We need more taxes if you want to be safe. This is how police officers are paid. A solution to the crime could come in the form of an investment in education."

My response: "I have always been a "do more with less" person, especially when it comes to other people's resources. I strongly disagree with your opinion that we need more taxes to be safe. There is a TREMENDOUS amount of wasting of taxpayer money in this county and I believe we should keep living expenses as low as possible while achieving our goals of properly educating our children and keeping our neighborhoods safe.

The problems with our police and our education system are not problems that can be fixed by just throwing more money at them. We need more than an investment of money. We need to make work conditions better for police and teachers. We need to address issues in homes and neighborhoods that interfere with our children being able to begin the school day "ready to learn."

We need to stop expecting the school to serve in so many roles beyond education. We absolutely need for teachers to be safe and respected and paid a living wage. When we have so many 3rd graders not reading at grade level, that is a huge problem. If we fail them in the early years, we can't expect them to succeed in high school.

We have awesome teachers in MNPS and they deserve to be able to afford to live near their work. I am not opposed to a small tax increase, but I prefer one that is temporary while we rearrange the budget.

Investing more in the schools won't reduce crime. Rethinking the way we invest in our schools and communities will. Teachers will never be able to replace parents, and they shouldn't have to try. I want to not only see teacher's wages improve, but also their working conditions."

Lydia Hubbell for Council, Lydia Hubbell, Treasurer
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