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July 17, 2019

I have been fighting for liberty and justice for the past 5 years. Today attorney and family advocate Connie Reguli and her client, Wendy Hancock, were arrested in Williamson County (they bonded out after about 3 hours) after DCS pressed charges for "custodial interference" against Wendy and they arrested Connie for facilitating custodial interference. This was Connie's first time to be arrested on a criminal charge. I have been arrested 8 times on 11 bogus charges in the past 4 years related to my fight for my parental rights. DCS never had me arrested, though, but they did hang false allegations over my head for nearly a year before they finally withdrew them, after 2 days of trial. It is mind-boggling what lengths judges allow people to go to when it comes to playing games with children's lives.

Marie Santos ( ), Terri LaPoint (, Terri's daughter, Angel, me, Connie Reguli and


I wish more people would do their civic duty and stand against the injustice and oppression and arbitrary abuse of authority. I don't know how we let things get so bad,  watch Connie's presentation about judicial reform. She has been fighting since long before making this video: but injustice hurts EVERYONE. DCS has turned into a monster...Connie's arrest was noteworthy and I am pleased that interviewers from two TV stations showed up today. Members of our military are willing to give their lives and limbs to defend our liberty. We are willing to go to jail for justice so others might no have to.

I think everybody needs to watch this presentation Connie gave a few years ago. 

One of my favorite songs I sang to commemorate this momentous occasion:

July 14, 2019


It isn't over! See for updates! 

July 13, 2019

Last night I was fortunate to attend a "Huckabee" T.V. show taping and I had a few moments to speak with Governor Mike Huckabee. It was about a 45 min. drive up there and a 34 min. drive back home...30 miles. I went a little early to avoid the worst of rush hour traffic. I got there around 4:20. Doors opened at 5:30, I think, and they had nice refreshments.

I don't know a lot about Governor Huckabee, but I do know he just had a melanoma surgically removed from his nose in the past week. I know he ran for President. I know he was Governor of Arkansas. I know he is a Christian. I did not know he had a TV show until a couple of weeks ago...not sure how I stumbled upon it. 

I voted yesterday--first day of early voting--and I wore my campaign button and my "I voted" sticker. I told him I was running for a seat on the council and he encouraged me and said he knew campaigning can be "brutal." 

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Hospitality and Tourism

Today I will be at an event "Nashville Hospitality Association Candidate Information Session"--I am really looking forward to it. I love the hospitality and tourism industry and what it does to benefit our city and state.As a "Delivery Partner" with GrubHub, I don't really work in the hospitality industry in the strictest sense of the term, but when I bring a hungry person their food and make them happy and wish them a blessed day, whether they live or work here, or are just visiting, I brighten their day in a similar way as the people who are in the industry. What a blessed occupation for those fortunate enough to be in it.  

I am one of many people who believe Nashville is big enough, already. I feel like our quality of life is suffering, and will be getting worse as we try to "catch up" to dealing with the huge influx of people. There are plenty of places outside of Nashville that have room and need jobs and have amazing things for visitors to see and do. I really wish more businesses would set up 30 miles or so from Nashville. 

Stop Separating American Families

(I wrote the following on July 1, 2019 and submitted it to The Tennessean as an Op/Ed. I doubt they will publish it.)

Children and families in Nashville and all across the country have been and are continuing to be adversely affected by corruption in our family court system. By “family court” I mean courts that deal with divorces and custody and visitation between minor children and their family members.

I have spent the past five years fighting for the rights of children and parents and the more I learn about how the “justice system” functions, the more alarmed I become. I have given my time, my voice, my money, and my prayers to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America and the Constitution of the State of Tennessee after learning about how our courts are failing our families.

Our children are our future and our legacy. I have learned through painful experience and observation that they are not getting their fair share of attention and protection in our courts, and that an obscene amount of taxpayer dollars goes to undermining the constitutionally-protected rights to family integrity. The Tennessee Department of Children’s Services has been fraught with problems for years, but I had no idea how corrupt and perverted the agency has become until I was the subject of false allegations and saw for myself how the laws and policies and procedures are not practiced and thus do not serve to protect our children and families as intended.

 I have a 10 1/2 year-old daughter who has been treated very cruelly by the courts in Davidson County over the past 5 years. I will always wonder if the outcome might have been different if I had been able to outspend my daughter’s father in court. I was naïve enough to believe that the laws would protect my daughter’s relationships she had enjoyed her entire life with both of her parents and her relationships with her siblings and extended family.

Despite never having been shown to be unfit in any way, despite the fact that my child has never been harmed nor endangered while in my care and numerous witnesses have testified in court about my good parenting skills and my daughter’s close emotional bond and need for a meaningful relationship with me, and despite lawyers and myself raising the issue of the deprivation of both my constitutionally-protected rights and those of my children, all the moments of contact I have had with my little girl add up to a grand total of less than five twenty-four hour days since I was reduced from 185 “parenting days” a year to ZERO on June 15, 2015. Additionally, my daughter has been cut off from all contact with my two older children and all other members of my family. On paper, I am the “alternate residential parent” and have joint custody. In reality I have been erased from my child’s life and this month will mark the second 12-month period in the past 4 years that has passed without my little girl being allowed to feel my arms around her or even hear me tell her, “I love you.”

It is heartbreaking to read the stories of children on our southern border being separated from their parents and not being allowed to be comforted by their siblings, but nobody seems to be aware of or are telling the stories of children like mine, right here in Nashville, who are treated as inhumanely as those who are separated from their parents at the border.

We must acknowledge the basis human rights of all children. Especially the ones in our own neighborhoods.


We certainly need to reform our legal system and implement tools we already have at out disposal in order to restore and maintain the integrity our legal system was meant to have.


Monday, July 8, 2019

Making Nashville more "equitable"

I was filling out an election survey. Here is part of my response. 

 Our justice system is not serving us well. My number one priority as a Nashville resident is judicial accountability. We deserve more justice than we can afford to pay for and we need to be able to have people charged criminally who commit perjury. We need to get rid of the adversarial system when it comes to child custody decision. When there can only be one "winner", everybody loses. We need a community oversight board of the court system, especially juvenile court. We do not have equal justice under law. My family has had 5 years of very painful experiences with the court system in Nashville. I think we need to have parent advocates in court, instead of only having CASA and Guardian ad Litems supposedly working for "best interest of the children." I would like to make it easier for people to get out of jail without having to post a cash bond.

Once we get our budget under control, I would like for free bus passes to be made available to very low income individuals. I would like for city-owned properties being used to create affordable rental housing for teachers, police officers, and firemen and other public servants.. I would like to see the city encourage urban gardening and have weekly mobile "farmer's markets" going to "food deserts". I would like to see fewer parents incarcerated for non-violent offenses or drug crimes and have more support for families of young children in high-risk areas. I would like to see free and unlimited mental healthcare (and domestic violence counseling) being provided by lay counselors and lay "caseworkers" , maybe in cooperation with churches.  

I believe in low taxes and small government and supporting people within the city having as few barriers as possible in making positive changes. We have a lot of brilliant, creative people and lots of organizations doing good and who can do more good with support.


Saturday, July 6, 2019


I am running for a seat on the city Council out of a sense of duty to my community and to my country. I really find campaigning and politics in general to be pretty distasteful, but it is important and I will press on. 

Early voting starts July 12 and it appears that the supporters of my adversaries are as good as their word, doing everything they can to keep me from getting elected. I have been the underdog since the beginning, but they still seem to think of me as enough of a threat to use social media against me. 

I am too old to play games and I never was one to be petty and spiteful. I think we need more good, mature, unifying, and solution-focused people on our city council. That is why I am running. I know good people will see the good in me and the people who want to see bad in me will search high and low to find it  and will stretch the facts to fit their opinion. I have had people lying about me and misrepresenting the truth about me for years. I really found it hard to believe that so many people are more interested in fighting than in working together to make the world a better place. I just have to roll my eyes when people call me a racist or homophobic or whatever....All I can do is pray for them.

I am not an aggressive person. I am idealistic and determined and persistent. I do good at every opportunity and I don't render evil for evil. It is interesting to me that in the Google search, you have to scroll a good ways through until you find my campaign website. Internet troll and enemy of children and families, "Robert Baty" has a story that comes right up. Interesting. I heard that Google manipulated results to disfavor Trump. I guess you don't have to be "important" to have people manipulate search results on Google. If you use Bing or Yahoo, my campaign website is the first thing that comes up. Interestingly, Sandra Sepulveda's campaign site and lots of "positive" things about her pop up on Google, but not so quickly on Yahoo search.  Sandra Sepulveda is my strongest competition, I think, and she and I have very different values. I think most of us want the same thing---safety, prosperity, peace and happiness--but we have different ideas when it comes to how to get there. 

Lydia Hubbell

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Thoughts on Public Transit and Cuts Being Made

This is not good. It could be worse, but this is not good.

We need to find a community solution. I have given rides to friends who need them. People need a support system. Who really can't afford a Lyft or Uber or bus ticket to get to and from work? I deliver part-time for GrubHub and it costs me a whole lot of up front money in gas. I remember years ago when gas was around $4 for a while that some people were not able to afford to get to and from work. A crisis like that can have a ripple effect and take a long time to recover from. I know. I get it.

People without transportation need to live near where they work, work near where they live. Even when I lived across the street from where I worked, I almost always have had a car of my own. I have often worked a side job or two to make ends meet, too. I chose to work in Child Care, which does not pay much, so I didn't expect to have much. My dad was a preacher and my mom was a teacher. My dad sometimes worked three jobs to make ends meet when my Mother was a stay-at-home parent. There were six kids in our family. We did not have much, but we had enough, and we always were helping others less fortunate than ourselves. We still do.

I know what it is like to have to rely on others and I believe in personal responsibility and a healthy inter-dependence. We all need help sometimes, and we should always give help and do good at every opportunity. When I was needing financial help from others, I was so thankful for opportunities to use my car to bless others who needed a ride. And when my car has been broken down, I have been loaned a car, or given rides as I needed them.

Our public transit system is a much needed service and I hate to see cuts at all, but I also hate that we pay a $40 per ride subsidy sometimes. That is not good stewardship. How about we keep our taxes low. Those who think public transportation is a priority and want our taxes raised so cuts won't have to be made in routes and fares won't have to be increased can use the money they are willing to pay in higher taxes and give it to people who need rides. Or all these people who want us to pay higher taxes can organize a carpool and take turns giving rides to people in their community who need them. Hands On Nashville is a good resource and I believe people who need rides can find them there, and people who want to give rides can connect with those who need them. We have good, service-oriented people in Nashville.

The cost of transportation for car owners is high. Aside from fuel, we have maintenance and repair, insurance costs, and maybe a car payment, maybe parking fees. A bus pass is a bargain.

I have a bus stop right by my house that students ride to get to their schools. I don't think our route is affected, but it has very limited service and is obviously meant to get kids to and from school and people to and from their 9-5 jobs. I think the kids get free bus passes to ride to and from school, too.

I hate that the free bus downtown is being eliminated, especially since the scooters are going away. Oh well, people can walk or pay to ride the buses that still go through downtown. I am sorry I missed this meeting. I was working. I have not read everything about this. As councilman, it will be my job to read up on everything and look at both sides before I vote. And I will do it. I am not a "politician". I have never had much money, but I have never wanted to be "rich". I see too many other people in need to hoard money for myself, even if I had a high income.

I would not be opposed to a tax increase, especially one like Steve Glover proposed, if there was no other way to meet the needs of the people but I cannot understand why we have so much money and such a big spending problem.

I hope Steve Glover wins an at-large seat on the council. He is a good man and he can help fix these problems if he can get enough support from others on the council. In the meantime, we need to roll up our sleeves and do what we can in our communities to help our neighbors. That is what we should have been doing all along and if we don't live in these needy communities, we can still help. I just want to control as much of my own money as I can and spend it where I think it does the most good.

Friday, June 28, 2019

I believe we are failing to adequately address the mental health needs of people in Nashville.

We are seeing the schools paying more attention to socio-emotional development, but you can't help the children very much when there is so much going on in the home and community that undermines spiritual/mental/emotional health and development. 

I was glad to hear Mike Cortese (Metro Council District 4) speak up about making Mental Health a priority.  This is what he said on his website :


Mental illness is one of the greatest health challenges we face today. The mental health of our citizens is a central component to creating and achieving goals in education, public safety, and economic prosperity. I will promote policies and programs that champion this cause.

If you are struggling with a mental illness, I want you to know that you are not alone. If you do not have access to resources, I will work to connect you with the services provided by the city. I will also work to promote policies and educational opportunities to help all those who are silently struggling in our district and the greater Nashville community.

I agree with Mike!

I have had my own mental health challenges and I know how hard it is to get and stay mentally/spiritually/emotionally healthy when you are trapped in a bad situation or are not able to get the help you need. I went from being told that I would need to be on medication for the rest of my life to getting and staying mentally healthy for several years, without medication. I had an awesome therapist and sometimes went twice a week. I got healthy during a period of time when I had unlimited, "free" counseling visits. I had an great therapist who had decades of experience. He was a nurse practitioner, but he never prescribed medication for my depression because he believed they would not help me.
My depression was situational, not any kind of chemical imbalance in my brain. We worked on my coping skills and doing what I could to improve my situation. 
I believe some people who are overwhelmed may find some relief with medication, but it never helped me. Having access to a good therapist did. 
I believe we should have free, unlimited healthcare for everyone. I believe that should happen by mobilizing volunteers/mentors in the community. We have people who work suicide hotlines and refer people to others for help. I think the vast majority of people struggling with life issues, mental health issues need friends/mentors. 
I would like to see more mentorships and I would like to see more lay counselors. There are a lot of churches and non-profits and when people plug in to these sources of strength and encouragement, life gets easier to manage.
A good friend is better than a "shrink." I have been blessed with an awesome church family and also with the professional help I needed to get and stay healthy. 
I know that there are people without transportation who are getting in-home domestic violence counseling. That is good. I had many hours of "therapeutic visitation" which was up to $65 an hour when I got it it after it was court-ordered against the law, but was the only way I could see my daughter. I don't know how much agencies get paid through DCS, but I the people doing the "therapy" are not mental health professionals, they are more like "caseworkers." 
It is the poorest people who are denied the resources they need to get better. And we too often harshly judge people with addictions. We all have been, or could be, addicted to something or have unhealthy habits that affect our lives and the lives of others in a negative way. 

Friday, June 21, 2019

Teach your OWN children to read and let the professionals do the hard stuff---like running a classroom!

I taught all 3 of my kids to read when they were babies. I believe kids who start ahead, stay ahead. My mother was a school teacher and I was raised in a house full of books. My mother did not spend as much one-on-one attention as I spent with my kids, but I still was reading independently before I started kindergarten.
If you want 3rd graders to be reading at grade level, start when they are babies. It is not hard.But it takes time. It takes diligence. It is just part of good parenting, as far as I am concerned.
Nashville has an AWESOME public library system and top-notch children's programs. You can check out 25 books at a time.
My kids had Leapsters and watched videos and we had a lot of The Learning Company programs. Reader Rabbit and Cluefinders were awesome.
Parents who give their kids tablets and phones should restrict the children to mostly educational games. Those early years are too important to waste on what Charlotte Mason called "twaddle". A little "twaddle", like a little junk food can be okay, but parents need to think about what they are doing with their children and how their children are spending their time. I made my own word cards...maybe 300 and all my kids could read at least 300 words before they were 2. Regular flash cards from the Dollar Tree and a few seconds spent 3 times a day...maybe before or after wonders.
Don't let anyone tell you that you can't teach your own child how to read unless you have expensive programs or a college degree in Education. That is a lot of nonsense. And a cop-out. The best place for a child to learn to read and to love reading is on the lap of their mothers or other loved ones.
Any pregnant woman needs to spend her pregnancy preparing to be a mother. If there are no older women in the family to help teach the younger ones how to be good parents, there are women in the community. Churches are full of them.
Children are in school 8 hours a day 180 days a year. That is more than enough time for the children to learn what the need to learn from professional teachers. We need parents to take their responsibilities more seriously. It is an honor and a privilege to raise up a child. And a huge responsibility.
We have vast amounts of free educational resources that parents can use with their children the other 185 days a year. It doesn't have to be complicated or take many hours a day.
Check out
It is not our schools that are failing, it is our parents.

Thursday, July 20, 2019


My friend, Rod Williams, makes some good points in his blog about affordable housing:


I don't understand why this is so. But it is. 


Wednesday, June 19, 2019

So glad to be reading the newspaper--hard copy--on a daily basis. Today's items of interest to me:
"Working with homeless community is improving" opinion piece by Judith Tackett, guest columnest. Judith Tackett has been servince as the director of the Homeless Impact Division of Metro Social Services since July 1, 2017. 
"Family center named for Honey Alexander" "Nonprofit's building included crisis call center and counseling suite. 2400 Clifton Ave. 32,000 sq. Ft. that can handle more than 60,000 calls per year, a counseling suite that is set to serve more than 2,500 individuals and other amenities." Opens June 22.  THIS IS MORE OF WHAT WE NEED!
"Achievement School District leader now tapped for new post"--"Sharon Griffin will join (MNPS) July 1 as the "chief of innovation." Sounds awesome!
And talk about a special session to deal with Glen Casada. I still think we should call a special session to remove Davidson County Juvenile Court Judge Sheila Calloway.

Lydia Hubbell for Council, Lydia Hubbell, Treasurer
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